Surf Lessons: Miami

90 Minutes (Surfboard Provided)

One-on-One and Group Lessons

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Full Refund if Not Happy)

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Call or text (904)-477-3557 to book (availability depedent on surf conditions)

Your Instructor: Bryce Raley

Bryce has over thousands of hours of experience in the ocean, and he grew up learning how to surf in the beaches of South Florida. He has been surfing in Miami Beach since he was 13 years old and has taught more than 100 people how to surf.

When Bryce is not surfing, he runs his academic coaching business Green Life Visions helping students in standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.), college level courses/APs, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and more. He graduated in three years from the University of Miami with a Bachelors degree in the fields of Marine Affairs and Economics. Bryce is also a musician, guitar teacher, and lead guitarist. Bryce is passionate, patient, and empathetic, and believes that each student has their own talents that are revealed when provided the right environment and mentor.

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Master the Pop-Up

Drop Shadow

In-depth breakdown of the exact mechanism involved in a pop-up. Done on a soft top surfboard board in the sand.


Learn to Paddle

Hop on your board and learn how to paddle and position yourself while your instructor is next to you.

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Catch a Wave!

Drop Shadow

Your instructor will begin pushing you into waves. After a few tries, and having patience with yourself, you will be surfing!

**Surfboard will be provided. Lessons will be done in waist high water with a sandy bottom and lifeguard supervision.

How it Works

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Book by calling/texting Bryce Raley at (904)-477-3557

(availability dependent on surf conditions)

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Receive email/text confirmation of booking time, instructions, and reciept

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Plan on arriving in South Beach 20 minutes before the lesson (parking can be limited)

Meet at 3rd St. Lifeguard Tower in Miami Beach 5-10 minutes before lesson. Directions found here

The Lesson

Instructor Bryce Raley surfing at Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida

Step 1: Learn how to position yourself on the board while laying down and begin practicing the pop up (5-10 mins)

Step 2: Keep practicing the pop-up, focusing on your foot positions and efficiency. (10-20 mins)

Step 3: Hop in the water with your instructor and practice paddling and maneuvering on your board. (5-10 mins)

Step 4: Catch your first wave and try to pop-up! This part can be challenging so be patient with yourself.

Session 5: Start catching waves and surfing!

Patrick (Miami, FL)

  • "Bryce is an excellent trainer. He motivates you and always pushes you to be better than the last day. He is helpful, encouraging, and understanding. My experience with him was phenomenal.

Carson (Phoenix, AZ)

  • "Bryce was very patient, honest and detailed. He never got annoyed with me when I needed him to review the same problem a few times. He was honest with me, telling me what was important."

Gonzalo (Miami, FL)

  • "Bryce is very communicative and understanding in knowing where a person's ideas are coming from. He is thorough in his explanations and provides creative ways to help you learn."